Trading the densely populated Garden State for the rugged beauty of the Mountain State has been a childhood goal of our founder, Lauren Todesko. One might argue that pizza and bagels can't compete with pepperoni rolls, but it is more than Mountaineer food that brought her here.

She grew up in Villas, New Jersey, right at the Delaware Bay. But Lauren early ventured into our hills: Her grandparents bought six acres in Lenox, Preston County, and built a vacation home on the property. Returning Summer after Summer and most school vacations in-between, she grew her first roots in West Virginia. For a while, though, she yet had to love the Mountain State from afar. Her education brought her to Pennsylvania, but it didn't feel like home. Lauren applied to West Virginia University and was accepted.

While studying in Morgantown, her family also moved to the State, officially making it home for the whole family. On a transfer to Fairmont University later, our founder met her husband. As they graduated, they began their life together in Kingwood, returning her to Preston County, where they now live with their two children. Not only did the Todesko family found there its professional home, but the home to stay - even Lauren's grandparents moved to our State, at last.

Why do we share this story? The strength of family bonds and her family values run deep with our founder and build a strong foundation of trust. Her love for our State, the passion for business, and the desire to serve fellow small business owners are the building blocks of our business relationships.

Reach out to Lauren, and you will find that you can trust her with your books and your company. Let's begin your journey together!
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